Are you baffled as to just what is going on at Apple? Why in the world would you put a bullet in your new product, the iPhone 8 by announcing it's replacement, the iPhone X, just when you are launching your new product, the iPhone 8? All while still offering the recent iPhone 7, and it's predecessors, the 6 series.

What Apple has forgotten is that they have trained the public that the iPhone 8 is better than the iPhone 7. Therefore, the iPhone X is MUCH better than the iPhone 8, or 7 or anything else with a lower number. The X, in the minds of customers, obsoletes everything before it.

In case you missed it Apple now offers, as explained by TechCrunch:
The cheap and tiny “fun size” 4-inch iPhone SE from $349
The “Yes, I still need a headphone jack” iPhone 6s and 6s Plus from $449
The “I live in the future where headphone jacks are heresy” iPhone 7 and 7 Plus from $549
The “I want a new but not giant” iPhone 8 from $699
The “I want zoom but also want to save $200” iPhone 8 Plus from $799
The “I want to feel superior and unlock with my face” iPhone X from $999

I am a techy guy, and they confused me. After standing in the T-mobile store for a few hours over two days, and trying to wrap my head around the Apple iPhone choices, I purchased my new iPhone 6s, because it was cheaper than the 7 and offered that handy-dandy headphone jack. It was the most phone for the least money. That was my rationale.

The truth is, I just gave up. I wasn't sure if there was going to be a 7s, or an 8s. I know there are Plus versions of them, but will there be a 7s Plus, or 8s Plus? What about the X? That's the number 10 in Roman numerals, where did the iPhone 9 go? Was there one that never made it of the lab? Will there be one? Will it be an IX? IXs? IXs Plus? Will the next iPhone after the X be XI, or 11? Wait! I have a brilliant idea. Apple should change is number scheme to hexadecimal. The iPhone XI or 11, would be the iPhone B, or iPhone b, whichever one is cooler. That's sure to eliminate the confusion.

Apple is now facing less than stellar iPhone 8 sales, and why wouldn't they? If someone needs a new iPhone now, they can still buy a 6 or 7, save some money, and wait for the iPhone X. It is available for pre-order on October 27th.

Apple simultaneous made a brand new product old and confused customers. Two cardinal sins in the marketing world.

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