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  • Certified smart! Ranked in the Top 2% of the population worldwide, by Mensa.
  • Certified motivational coach and NLP (Neuro Lingusitic Programming) practitioner, Global NLP
  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Management from Malone University, Canton, Ohio
  • Limited-edition achievement recognizing early members of Workfolio. Early adopter of social media.
  • Guest speaker at Oakland University. Personal Leadership Effectiveness instructor at Rockwell.
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  • Excellent, engaging public speaking skills.

ABout me

TED Wodoslawsky
"Be bold or don't bother. Great marketing is not meek!"
Ingenious [in-jeen-yuh s]
1.characterized by cleverness or originality of invention or construction: an ingenious machine.
2.cleverly inventive or resourceful: an ingenious strategic marketing leader.

Ingenuity pays off when developing marketing strategies and campaigns. It comes from my ability to think laterally. Lateral thinking is the solving of problems by an indirect and creative approach, typically through viewing the problem in a new and unusual light.

However, ingenuity is not enough unless someone can make a decision and execute the plan. How many plans sit and wait for the decision to be made? My family history is of hard working Polish and Ukrainian immigrants who worked in the dark, dank coal mines of the Appalachia Mountains or in the hellish blast furnaces of steel mills. My career in marketing has never required me to risk my life to earn a living. No ones dies from a bad marketing idea. When thought of that way, making a decision and executing should not be hard, but it often is. Why? people are fearful of making a bad decision. They manage their careers instead of their job. I manage the job, the task, the project at hand. The career will take care of itself.

This results in my demonstrated ability to increase sales by creating, realigning and transforming marketing and communications to engage customers, generate demand, drive sales, create internal change and drive external name recognition.


  1. -
    Director, Commercial Marketing, c3controls

    Hired to develop and direct all B2B marketing activities for c3controls (industrial control products). Goal is to elevate marketing to grow business from $10M to $100M in ten years.

    Significant accomplishments to date include:

    • Content development of whitepapers and blogs to position c3controls as subject matter experts on their target markets and increase SEO relevance. The goal was to take complex engineering concepts and make them more digestible for a wider audience. Papers are posted to and distributed via e-newsletter (13,000 subscribers). Open rate of newsletter increased from an average of 25% to 32%. Example:
    • Improved on page and off page SEO performance of current c3controls website, Results to date: 13 of 21 c3control keywords on page 1 of Google. 22.5% increase YOY in web orders.
    • Total redesign of website to be more SEO (Google) friendly and customer-focused. This is being accomplish by moving from a LAMP Stack to a JAMStack headless CMS architecture. Current status predicts a 10x performance increase (page load and transaction speeds). Planned launch date of 12-31-2019.



  2. -
    Market Development Manager, OEMs & UL508A, ABB, Inc. Electrification Products Division, North America

    ABB targeted the UL508A control panel builder (2014-2016) and OEM (2016) markets as part of their growth initiatives. My role was to develop marketing strategies, programs, tools, target customer lists, track progress, and be the main contact point for the initiative. In this role, I led the development of cross-selling tools and websites to sell products the way that OEMs and panel builders actually used and purchased them. Much of the work was been adopted by other ABB locations, globally. 

    InControl newsletter

  3. -
    Director, Commercial Marketing & Marcom, ABB, Inc. Low Voltage Products

    After being on my own for almost one year, I returned to another division of ABB, Low Voltage Products. As the Director of Marketing Communications and Commercial Marketing, I was responsible for both the back office, outbound marketing, communications, demand generation and training.  I also was responsible for the migration of the Jokab Safety brand (an acquisition) into ABB. 

    ABB acquired Thomas & Betts in 2012. As part of the Integration Communications team, this role allowed me a more involved experience in the integration of two organizations, and the inherit difficulties of such a process. The resulting reorganization in 2013 combined the marketing, back office, and training departments into those existing at Thomas & Betts. 

    After the reverse integration process, I moved into a market development role.

  4. -
    Consultant, Greatwater Business Services

    After leaving ABB, I began a search for a new position. Given the economic conditions at that time, I thought it would likely take awhile. So, I "hung out my shingle," and started to do consulting. Instead of using my initials as the company name, like so many people do, I used the name Greatwater. Because, my last name means "son of greatwater" in Ukrainian. The great part was, I had actual clients! They were:

    • Coleman Research Group, Executive Forum Member (Industrial Automation and Robotics Expert)
    • Vista Research, Automation Market Consultant
    • Verify Markets, Market Research
    •, Contributing Editor
    • GrowthPoint, Inc., Marketing Automation and Social Media

    Through this experience I grew in my appreciation for anyone who is an entrepreneur.

  5. -
    Vice President Marketing, ABB Robotics

    This was my first executive level leadership position. My team and I raised the visibility of ABB Robotics in the non-automotive market segments through the use of e-newsletters, improved trade show demonstrations, public relations, digital advertising, and the Robotics On The Move rolling road show. Unfortunately, my time at ABB Robotics ended as a result the economic crisis. If you somehow missed it, here's a good summary of what happened from 2008 - 2011. Global financial crisis: five key stages 2007-2011 

  6. -
    Manager, Strategic Marketing, Rockwell Automation

    During my time in this position, I worked to develop the Essential Components marketing strategy. I am proud to say "Essential Components - Exception Value" is still being used by Rockwell today. Essential Components. Exceptional Value.


    early adopter for digital marketing and remaining at the forefront.
    everybody lists this, but how is it best used?
    Deep EXPERIENCE in working with electrical distributors and system IntegratorS
    great in front of an audience. engaging and humorous.
    Getting things done!

Education Highlights

  • Bachelor's Degree, Business Management
    Malone university, canton, Ohio
  • Technical Diploma, Electronics Technology
    DeVry University (formerly Ohio Tech), Columbus, OHIO


  • 237%
    Newsletter readership increase
  • +26%
  • $45M
    sales potential generated

Questions & Answers

Why did you choose your profession?
I did not choose my profession insomuch as it chose me. I always loved technology. My interest and my ability to relate to people and desire to understand their needs led me to a career in marketing. The marriage of the two brought me into marketing technology as a career.
Who are your main influences?
My Dad, Ted F. Wodoslawsky. He was a salesman and a sales manager. He taught me about people. How to always treat them with respect. What great customer service meant. The value of working hard. The importance of family. And much more.
What are the biggest challenges businesses face?
Themselves. Making decisions. Any decision. In the time it takes to clear all the internal hurdles, and convincing the nattering naybobs of negativity, five things could be tried! For goodness sake, do something. Do it today.

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